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Pricing and Payment


Estimates are provided free of charge and without commitment to proceed.

You’ll always be given a written estimate before the handyman starts work on your job. This estimate is based on the information available to the handyman at the time of its writing.

This estimate is a total cost and will include the handyman fee, the agency fee and the VAT (only applicable to the agency fee).

Agency Fee

Our agency fee is usually chargeable at 30% of the total value of the job. This fee will be included within your main estimate price (unless specifically stated otherwise).


Estimated pricing will include VAT unless otherwise specifically stated on your estimate. VAT is chargeable only on the agency fee and not on the handyman’s own fee and is usually 6% of the total charged. VAT invoices can be dispatched on request from our Helpdesk.


The estimate will not include the cost of materials (unless specifically stated on the written estimate). Clients usually source their own materials. Our handymen will be pleased to advise on suitable materials, on request. They are also happy to source and collect items, on request. Materials provided for clients are usually reimbursed directly to the handyman at that time.


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