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for information on becoming a handyman

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Become a Handyman

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being a self-employed handyman/woman without the hassle and cost of setting up from scratch. Use your current skills to help people in your community and earn additional income.

Trust in Blue is an agency and not a franchise and there is no cost for handymen to join.

You choose the area you wish to cover, when you wish to work and the types of jobs that you undertake. We handle the admin and advertising for you.

Just complete the form above and we will be in touch with full details.


How it Works

  1. Jobs are dispatched to you by email, SMS texts and app push notifications to your mobile.
  2. You decide which jobs you are suitably skilled to do and reject those you would rather not do.
  3. You supply the client with an estimated price for the works.
  4. Schedule the job at a convenient time with the client directly.
  5. Payment is made either by card or cash. We supply the card payment facilities for you.
  6. Clients then review the service they have received.
  7. You receive any money taken by card once a month.

Police ResettlementWe are looking for punctual, reliable men and women with extensive home maintenance experience to join their national network of trusted self-employed handymen across the UK.

Recent article in Police Resettlement magazine with quotes from several of our handymen:



Retired Police


Enhanced DBS
(CRB) Checked




By Their